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   When first light begins to cast long shadows across the peaceful mountains of Korea and a single crane soars past the willowy bamboo lining a mountain stream, you know instantly why this beautiful land was once called “The Land of the Morning Calm”.  Morning Earth Tours wants to help you capture that moment and more in this serene yet amazing land called Korea.

   To this end, Morning Earth Korea developed Morning Earth Tours and informational web sites on aspects of Korean arts and culture.  Morning Earth Tours designs exceptional and personal arts and culture tours to Korea.  But we also realize that not everyone can go to Korea.  That is why we are also developing websites that provide arts and culture information seldom found elsewhere.  While searching the web, we have found many interesting web sites and provide unpaid links to them.  Our tours specialize in, but are not limited to, human cultural treasure tours throughout South Korea*.  Human Cultural Treasures are artists from many fields who continue, as well as enhance, the traditional arts of Korea.  Collectively these artists help to maintain and expand Korea’s rich arts and culture.  Our tours also take you to the studios of other outstanding artists whose contemporary insights enlighten us and help forge the future path for their art.  In addition, we schedule our tours so that our tour participants can witness one of more of Korea’s exciting festivals and take you to Korea’s culturally enriching places as well.  Our goal is for each Morning Earth Tour participant to touch the heart of Korea’s wonderful, vibrant and spiritual culture through Korea’s arts and cultural activities.
   Our purpose for designing and providing these tours and information was not for great financial gain.  Rather, it is to introduce you to the Korea we found in our many travels there and have come to love.  More than forty years of cultural research and traveling to Korea for thirty years have led us to this point.    That is why professional travel agents have said that our tours are exceptional.  One highly experienced traveler told us, "Your tours to Korea are the most culturally rich tours anywhere."  While we are not sure that we can make that boast, we do hope to be both exceptional in quality and reasonable in price.  Some special tours are offered at a non-profit price. 
  You will find Korea an amazing country to visit.  It is rich in culture, strong in character, deep in its spirituality, incredible in the quality of its artists and ready to welcome you.  South Korea is one of the safest countries in the world. 
   We invite you to organize and/or join a Morning Earth Tour’s adventure to Korea.  The price will be reasonable the adventure unparalleled.  There you will touch the heart of Korea.  Perhaps Korea will touch your heart in return.

* We often plan tours to other Asian countries as well.

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