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Morning Earth Korea
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   The end of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century brought devastation to Korea.  Then Korea was divided and many families separated.  These events shocked Korea’s arts and culture but not beyond repair.  Occupied by a foreign power that attempted to destroy much of Korea’s arts and culture over a period of nearly 50 years.  Korea survived.  To be fair, its survival was not done merely on its own as several citizens of the occupying power found beauty and inspiration in many aspects of Korea’s culture and worked diligently to preserve them.  Other countries came to the aid of South Korea and continue their presence there in an effort to maintain peace.  Never the less, it was the indomitable spirit of the Korean people that persevered and preserved their culture.  Their ancestors, over the centuries, also fought to preserve their arts and culture against overwhelming odds.
    My own family’s history traces its roots in America to my grandfather who died trying to work for Korean independence. 
   Today South Korea is a vibrant country rich in its arts and culture.  Morning Earth Korea is here to help the English-speaking world learn more about the remarkable country of South Korea; a country that remains rich in its indomitable spirit.  Morning Earth Korea, through Morning Earth Tours, develops culturally rich tours that go into the heartland of Korea and meets it people.  Because we know that not everyone can go to Korea, we are attempting to also bring Korea to you.  We present workshops on various aspects of Korean ceramics while lecturing on many cultural aspects of Korea at national and state educational conferences, art centers and universities.  We are also in the process of developing videos and slide presentations on various aspects of Korean arts and culture.  Our informational web sites on some aspects of Korean arts and culture are a newer venture for us.  Our background is ceramics and we began with informational web sites that focus on ceramics.  But we also know that there are many people who have strong interests in other aspects of Korean arts and culture and we invite them to submit manuscripts and downloadable videos by email for possible inclusion in one of our web sites.  Knowledgeable people in Korea review each manuscript  and video before it can be used.  Unfortunately, at this time we cannot pay for nor return submitted manuscripts and videos.  We do provide non-profit tours to Korea for those whose work is accepted.  The acceptance process can take up to a year. 
   If you have a particular interest in a particular aspect of Korean arts and culture, we may be able to help you find it.  First check our links, available on many of our web sites, if nothing is found there, contact us.   
   Below are links to our current informational web sites.  They are all in development but can provide considerable information.

           Korean Onggi                      Korean Tea                   Gangjin Celadon           Ceramic Workshops

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